deborah sams & mary lou ryan, established bassike together in 2006 with a vision to create luxurious and wearable everyday pieces with a design pedigree that allow them to work in a structured wardrobe just as well as with a pair of trainers.

the bassike philosophy centres on high-quality design & construction with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing. bassike is proud to support local industry by producing their organic jersey & mainline collections locally in australia.


byRACHELRARA, an Auckland-based lingerie brand. Founded by design graduate and fashion writer Rachel Needham.  byRACHELRARA masters the high-low intermingle of design, wearability and desire factor.


Chaos & Harmony

Chaos & Harmony creates strong, structural styles through artistic collections that contrast dark with light, hard with soft, textures and colours. Attention to detail is always present, along with a constant focus on quality and comfort.

Chaos & Harmony shoes are made from high-grade leathers, with a focus on true craftsmanship, creating statement silhouettes that exude confidence and strength

Company of Strangers

Passion for de-constructed, re-worked vintage and non-vintage materials deliver sleekly androgynous pieces.

An ambiguous nature means each piece is open for interpretation by the wearer, leaving the options limited only by individual imagination.



Custommade is inspired by a dream about creating custom made and beautiful clothing that defies trends. It was established in 2002 by Christian Dam in Copenhagen, Denmark. Custommade offers an array of urban essentials appealing to modern-minded and cosmopolitan women who crave simple sophistication. 

Deadly Ponies

An accessory label synonymous with the blurring of high fashion with function.

With strong sculptural creations and ideas, Deadly Ponies continues to present meticulously hand crafted creations.



To purchase any Deadly Ponies items please contact us directly.

Garment Project

Crafted for style and comfort and with a touch of understated textural intrigue, our relaxed sneakers and clean boots will give an elevated touch to every outfit. 

They are experts in creating an unmistakable line of must-have products – for everyone who appreciates easy-to-wear fashion and value for money.

General Sleep

For those who love the idea of an extended Sunday morning, General Sleep has created a way to indulge in that lazy, lounging feeling, all week long.

Made from sustainably sourced cotton-linen and woven on hand looms in India, General Sleep’s collection of sleepwear has been beautifully considered to soften with time.

Blurring the line between what you wear to bed and what you wear outside, there is now no need to change when you answer the door or pop out to the shops for fresh bread. And for those slow afternoons, it’s simply: togs on and straight to the ocean.

A feeling as good as that first sip of coffee, warm shower on your shoulders, or sinking into a pile of pillows, General Sleep means it’s bedtime all the time.

Good & Co.

Good&Co aims to intelligently amalgamate fashion and art. Each piece turns its wearer into a walking artwork - though only those in the know will be aware of the detail.

Ingrid Starnes

A passion for vintage detailing translates into a brand that refuses to reference trends or obvious themes.

Beautifully subtle and feminine whilst giving an underlying sense of intelligence and confidence.


With an uncompromising auteur-like vision, fashion designer Julia Palm produces contemporary slow-fashion through a project based model.

JPALM is created with longevity in mind, and often only producing quality one-off garments. Within her designer/maker framework, Palm is able to ensure quality through the customization of her own work. In contrast to this finer tailoring approach, the JPALM brand borrows heavily from its origins within punk culture. The hands-on method of making allows the designer to make impromptu decisions, and adapt/change as the materials demand.

JPALM acts as a communication tool and this is reflected in the materials used and the dramatically changing silhouettes of each project. This methodology places an art practice at the centre of JPALM, and this translates into fierce, wearable and unexpectedly beautiful clothing.

JPALM - formerly based in Dunedin, New York, Stockholm, and now Wellington New Zealand.

Juliette Hogan

An innate ability to blur the line between classic femininity and contemporariness ensure functional yet beautiful garments.

Quietly sophisticated, cleanly minimalist garments that will surpass seasonal trends.


Karen Walker

Original. Effortless. Unpretentious. Inspiring an overall feeling of being cool without trying too hard.

Karen Walker is master of taking extreme contrasts and combining them - resulting in a high casual outlook with one foot in exceptional tailoring and the other in elegantly modest street wear.


Kate Sylvester


Irreverently classic and historically referenced with provocative and ironic wit. Kate Sylvester clothes are for the sophisticated, feminine, ironic women.

With an established sustainability policy the brand has a commitment to onshore production and an ever expanding assemblage of ethical and organic fabric options.



Kowtow is a 100% Certified Fairtrade Organic clothing label based in Wellington, NZ. Every step Kowtow takes is in a sustainable and gentle manner. Always functional and directional, Kowtow will be a fresh addition to your wardrobe. 

Lela Jacobs

Intellectual describes the moody, antipodean atmosphere evoked by clothing through monochromatic colour and textural layering.

Each piece developed slowly and delicately with inherent detail in finish, drape and quality fabrication.



LUCILLA GRAY is a contemporary womenswear label based in Wellington, New Zealand. Portrayed through clean cuts and strong silhouettes, her design ethos focuses on craftsmanship and empowering the modern women. These fundamentals allow her to merge conceptual fashion with ready-to-wear ideals, in turn forming collections that embody sophistication, vibrancy and feminine intelligence.

Lucy Folk

Goldsmith by trade, Founder and Creative Director Lucy Folk has made a name for herself with designs that are distinctly colourful, eclectic and sophisticated. A nomadic lifestyle brand, Folk’s handmade jewels, Italian made eyewear, accessories and resort apparel are inspired by a voracious appetite for travel and cuisine, art and wellbeing, and an endless summer. Lucy Folk is all about a unique aesthetic, superior craftsmanship, and an unconventional creativity.

Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn is a New Zealand based fashion brand that launched in September 2016. The debut Maggie Marilyn collection sold exclusively online at before quickly gathering pace to now sell at 75 doors internationally. A combination of strong tailoring and youthful charm, the Maggie Marilyn collections are delivered with a sense of confidence and modern luxury.

Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb takes a subversive approach to shape, proportion and beauty so that each piece may transcend time, age and place. The clothes are made to be interpreted by the wearer encouraging a sense of singularity and freedom. A Miss Crabb piece is at once skilfully complex and seemingly simple both in its construction and appearance. This harmony between design and restraint allows the purity of fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton to speak for itself. The patterns, which Kristine cuts herself, are often basic geometric shapes which delicately transform these natural materials into modern yet quietly poetic and enduring pieces.

New Balance

New Balance products are the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving you the performance technology you need and the style you want. For more than 100 years, New Balance has worked to move the world around us. Because they believe in one simple truth: we were born to move.


NOA NOA was founded in 1981 by brothers Harald and Lars Holstein as a feminine alternative to the hard-edged fashions of the time. The name NOA NOA means ‘simple and harmonious’ in Tahitian and epitomizes the feminine and bohemian NOA NOA universe.  


Dark and wittily sombre, NOM*D has created an iconic image on the New Zealand fashion landscape. The label's designs, which reference traditional tailoring and use reworked vintage garments, are anchored by a utilitarian approach and the concept that clothes must, above all else, be wearable.

In every collection, NOM*D maintains its credibility as a label unaffected by trends and whims, instead adopting the cool, considered gaze of the fashion outsider.


Highly tactile, distinctly moody, skilfully contrasted collections where every element of the label is sourced and produced in NZ.

Nyne clothes are about the buyer.


Okewa Rainwear

Okewa makes raincoats for those who embrace the mood of rainy days and nights. It is global and season-less in its approach.

Established in 2014 by Nick and Nevada Leckie, the brand calls the climatically wild city of Wellington, New Zealand home. All Okewa coats are cut from 10,000mm breathable, waterproof fabrics woven in Bluesign-approved Japanese and Korean mills, and are made in limited ethical runs in New Zealand.  

Post Sole Studio

Footwear made in Melbourne with the finest hardwearing materials.

Rachel Mills

The ultimate Rachel Mills woman is both sensitive and strong. She lacks patience, and is hardly a dreamer but lives life with conviction and honesty.

Rachel Mills is an eponymous women’s fashion label creating polished, functional, ready-to-wear garments. Based in Auckland, and locally sourced and manufactured, the label enforces getting dressed as a ritual rather than a chore.

Standard Issue

Manufactured in NZ Standard using only quality yarn.

Classically beautiful cut and careful manufacture create a line of knitwear where the touch, handle and durability of the end product is just as important as the silhouette.

Standard Issue represents functional and enduring clothes for the discerning.




Stutterheim creates beautiful yet functional rainwear in the highest quality. All coats are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterized by simplicity, functionality and timeless design.

twenty-seven names

Since its creation in 2006, directional label twentysevennames has inspired a cult-like following.

They use clean lines and beautiful natural fibres, with vibrant hand designed prints.

We see classic pieces turned unfamilar through fruity detail.


Instantly recognisable but impossible to pigeonhole, influential yet elusive Zambesi is more of a feeling, a way of dressing.

Proud to possess a consistent, unique signature.

Textural contrasts, inventive, exciting constructions and de-constructions and often a nod to eclectic, vintage sensibilities whilst remaining darkly beautiful.