I LOVE PALM - 10 Year Anniversary Interviews

Interview #4 - Liam Bowden from Deadly Ponies

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey with your brand
Deadly Ponies?
I am a Graphic Designer turned Handbag Designer and I’ve been fortunate to
spend the last decade doing what I love. Deadly Ponies started in my garage as a
side project but quickly developed into a full time gig. Last year was a big
milestone for the brand as we celebrated our 10-year anniversary! We have an
incredible, passionate team who has been invaluable in our achievements to

How long have you been stocked at PALM BOUTIQUE?
Jane and Palm boutique have been part of the Deadly Ponies journey from the
very beginning… It must be almost 8-9 years now!

Describe Deadly Ponies in 3 words –
Creative, modern and dynamic.

You have a strong following at PALM, why do you think your brand
performs so well with us?
I think the Palm customer really appreciates the quality, craftsmanship and
passion that goes into every product we make. Palm has been a stockist for a
long time and many of its customers have followed our journey, and own some of
the original Deadly Ponies pieces. They have really grown with us…

What is your favourite new look for the coming season?
It would have to be new style, Mr Stitcher. It is a big summer-suede knitting bag
with denim fringing and custom-made brass handles. Something a chic cave
woman would carry.

What are you working on at the moment?
As always, I have a few balls in the air at the moment. We are in the production
stage for our new Men’s collection, in the final design phase of a very exciting
collaboration for our Resort collection, as well as working on Winter 17. It never

Who will always be your icon?
I have always been inspired by Salvador Dali- he dared to be different.

What song are you playing on repeat at the moment?
Too good by Drake and Rhianna

What are you coveting most right now?
Acne’s new cashmere coat- it’s a case of want over need at this stage… But if it
gets any cooler I may have to go for it!

What are your favourite fabrics?
Leather, leather and leather.

Have you been to Nelson before? If so what was your favourite part?
Yes of course, I came down a couple of years ago for an in-store event with Jane!
The first three things that come to mind are the ocean, stunning views and your
incredible wine region.

Who would attend your DREAM dinner party?
It would be a double date; Nigella would be my partner as I’m a major cake lover.
Rihanna and Leo would be the other couple, to provide the music and

What is your guilty pleasure?
Peanut butter- I go through a 1kg tub every week, I have a problem.

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