Fund is a simple way of softening the cost of shopping at your favourite clothing store - Palm Boutique.

Build up store credit with regular automatic payments to Fund, then spend it on a beautiful piece you will treasure forever.

It's your usual shopping experience, uninhibited. 

No fees. No debt. No prying eyes.



What are the benefits of joining Fund? 

Creating a beautiful, quality wardrobe is a high hurdle for most. 

Fund is a tool that removes the need to justify your purchases. We offer a savings service for your local Luxury Boutique, Palm, so you can afford the wardrobe you dream of.

Your regular payments quickly add up to a new Knitwear piece, a summer frock, or the perfect Denim. Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your pay and watch your credit build.

Use your Fund account and walk out of Palm with a bag of goodness without swiping a card.

No debt, no fees, no evidence, no worries.

What can I buy with my Fund?

You can use your Fund to purchase any goods in store, including sale items! 

How do I shop with my Fund?

Pop into Palm Boutique to find that perfect piece of clothing. At checkout, let us know that you want to use Fund to pay for the partial or full amount. If you don't have enough credit in your Fund, then just top up the difference using EFTPOS, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Gift Vouchers, or Cash. Your Fund balance cannot be used in conjunction with any "Buy Now, Pay Later" apps (like Laybuy or Afterpay).

How do I check my balance?

Check your balance by contacting or visiting Palm. We are working to bring you an electronic platform as soon as possible.

Can other people top up my Fund?

Your loved ones can contribute to your Fund account for a special occasion. Simply share your Fund reference with them to include in their payment details.

What happens if I want to return an item purchased with my Fund?

Our standard returns policy can be found on our website. These conditions are the same for purchases using Fund. We will return the credit to your Fund account. If there was a difference paid at time of purchase we will refund this to you or add it to your Fund account at your request.

Can I withdraw money from my Fund?

Fund empowers women to be able to buy the things they love. A responsible splash account just for you.

Once you have registered you have 14 days to cancel your Fund membership and your contributions in that period will be refunded. You need to notify us in email and we will action within 24 hours. As per our standard credit policy, your Fund balance cannot be redeemed in cash. Payments are made by you via Automatic Payment so you have ultimate control. You can pause or cancel your membership at any time.

Are my contributions safe?

Yes, all of your contributions are kept by Myfund Limited, a separate company from Palm Boutique. Your Fund account is deducted only when you spend your credit at Palm Boutique. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Question not answered?

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