I LOVE PALM - 10 Year Anniversary Interviews

Interview #6 - Liz Findlay from Zambesi

Can you tell us a little about your journey with your brand Zambesi?
Zambesi was established in 1979 with a small boutique in Lorne street, Auckland and a workspace created in our home to create the collections.

How long have you been stocked at PALM BOUTIQUE?
We have been stocked in PALM BOUTIQUE for ten years!

Describe Zambesi in 3 words -
Independent -  enduring  - intuitive

You have a strong following at PALM, why do you think your brand performs so well with us?
I believe that independent stores like PALM build strong relationships with their customers who return time and time again for their personal service.

What is your favourite new look for the coming season?
The ‘BUCKET HAT’  worn with the ‘LADYBIRD’ or ‘ROCKIT’ jacket,  teamed with the ‘BOWED’ or ‘RAPPER’ trouser.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on winter 2017 together with Dayne Johnston, our menswear designer.  Loving it already!

Who will always be your icon?
My mother!

What song are you playing on repeat at the moment?
Brown Girl – Aaradhna -  my daughter Sophie is working on the video at home and it is playing on repeat now in my head!

What are you coveting most right now?
Time -  especially with my family!

What are your favourite fabrics?
I love working with natural fibres, pure silk, cotton & wool,  however  I am always looking at new innovative fabrications.  I keep an open mind and consider the possibilities.

Have you been to Nelson before? If so what was your favourite part?
Yes I have!   Friendly people – great food – beautiful waterfront – home of WOW – still much to explore and discover!

Who would attend your DREAM dinner party?
Leonard Cohen

What is your guilty pleasure?


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