Juliette Hogan - An innate ability to blur the line between classic femininity and contemporariness ensure functional yet beautiful garments. Quietly sophisticated, cleanly minimalist garments that will surpass seasonal trends.

Workshop - Focus on real life, substance and authenticity with a high fashion edge. Key to Workshops success is quality of cloth, cut, fit and attention to detail.

Lela Jacobs - Intellectual describes the moody, antipodean atmosphere evoked by clothing through monochromatic colour and textural layering. Each piece developed slowly and delicately with inherent detail in finish, drape and quality fabrication.

Standard Issue - Manufactured in NZ Standard using only quality yarn. Classically beautiful cut and careful manufacture create a line of knitwear where the touch, handle and durability of the end product is just as important as the silhouette. Standard Issue represents functional and enduring clothes for the discerning

Ingrid Starnes - A passion for vintage detailing translates into a brand that refuses to reference trends or obvious themes. Beautifully subtle and feminine whilst giving an underlying sense of intelligence and confidence.

Company of Strangers - Passion for de-constructed, re-worked vintage and non-vintage materials deliver sleekly androgynous pieces. An ambiguous nature means each piece is open for interpretation by the wearer, leaving the options limited only by individual imagination.

Nyne -Highly tactile, distinctly moody, skilfully contrasted collections where every element of the label is sourced and produced in NZ. Nyne clothes are about the buyer.

Deborah Sweeney - Clever designs are a colourful, eclectic and feminine mix of casual and tailored silhouettes. Often retro-inspired collections ensure that pieces are able to be lived in while remaining staunchly chic.

Kate Sylvester - Irreverently classic and historically referenced with provocative and ironic wit. Kate Sylvester clothes are for the sophisticated, feminine, ironic women. With an established sustainability policy the brand has a commitment to onshore production and an ever expanding assemblage of ethical and organic fabric options.

Zambesi - Instantly recognisable but impossible to pigeonhole, influential yet elusive Zambesi is more of a feeling, a way of dressing. Proud to possess a consistent, unique signature. Textural contrasts, inventive, exciting constructions and de-constructions and often a nod to eclectic, vintage sensibilities whilst remaining darkly beautiful.

Maaike - Striking, original and above all wearable garments inspire intellectual people who crave confidence and quirkiness in their style. Produced entirely in NZ Maaike will surprise and delight with quietly innovative design and attention to detail.

Deadly Ponies - An accessory label synonymous with the blurring of high fashion with function. With strong sculptural creations and ideas, Deadly Ponies continues to present meticulously hand crafted creations.

Karen Walker - Original. Effortless. Unpretentious. Inspiring an overall feeling of being cool without trying too hard. Karen Walker is master of taking extreme contrasts and combining them - resulting in a high casual outlook with one foot in exceptional tailoring and the other in elegantly modest street wear.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen - Design driven with a craftsmanship revival – manifested in the details of the garments focusing on everyday glamour urbanised to appeal to the metropolitan bohemian. Within a contemporary and classic bohemian aesthetic DAY creates key looks that represent flexibility, individuality and longevity.