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Virgo Blazer | Black

Virgo Blazer | Black

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Embodying its Virgo-ness, this is a blazer with high standards. Double-breasted and fully lined, with pointed collar, and welt pockets - cut in our beloved recycled wool blend. Hard working, yet modest, this detail-oriented and practical blazer is looking to be useful in your wardrobe. 

Made in Aotearoa.

  1. Fabric
  2. 80% recycled wool, 20% viscose, milled in China. Leftover wool and yarn are respun and dyed before being woven with the viscose.
  1. Lining
  2. 100% Bemberg, milled in Japan. Bemberg is a high-quality fabric made from cotton husks and is a by-product of the cotton manufacturing industry. It is unique in that it is an organic material that is synthetically regenerated and spun. Anti-static, anti-cling, biodegradable, and made from a renewable resource.
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