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Aotea Manuka Honey Day Cream

Aotea Manuka Honey Day Cream

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A lightweight day cream formulated to even skin tone, soothe irritations and aid the skin's protective barrier.

Our principal ingredients work with the body’s physiology to deliver synergistic results. Manuka honey is an antioxidant that can aid in neutralising free radicals on the skin that develop after exposure to external aggressors such as UV damage and pollution. 

External aggressors are responsible for up to 97 percent of visible skin aging. Our day cream softens and hydrates to perfection, boasting both humectant and emollient. Humectants work by drawing moisture from the air into your skin to boost hydration while emollient works to structurally support skin cells promoting softer skin. 

Kawakawa, grape seed oil, and aloe vera all help to rebalance redness and inflammation. For the best results, we recommend applying generously to a cleansed face morning and night.


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